Ratna  The Mad Fun Board Game for Kids
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Ratna The Mad Fun Board Game for Kids

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The Object of this Game is To Lose all Your Amount. If you Think That Sounds Ridiculous, Just Wait Until you Play. After all, in what other Game do you Act like a Rock, take a Trip to Anywhere and Roll the Dice with your Left Hand, the Rules they're Simple. Really Simple. In fact they're so Simple that if There's anything you don't Understand, Just put it to a Vote and Play according to the Majority Rule.


  • It is a Fun Game to Play with Your Family & Friends to see who Wins it.
  • It is not made up of any Substances that will Harm Your Kids in Any Way.
  • There are 7 Fun Games in This Set, which will Keep Your Kids Active For a Long Time.
  • Product Dimension: 20.07 x 10.03 x 1.57 inch