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Little Engineer Mechanical Construction Set for Kids

Rs. 589.00
Rs. 657.00 Rs. 589.00
Availability: In stock
Type: Construction Game
Vendor: Ratna

Nothing Interests A Child More Than Being Able To Make Something From Scratch And Then Taking It Apart Again. The Little Engineer Construction Set Includes Various Parts And Components To Make Great Construction Vehicles. The Set Contains Steel Pieces, That Can Be Used To Make The Model Again And Again. Children Will Feel Elated After They Complete Assembling All The Models.


  • Over 105 Plastic And Steel Parts To Make Construction Set
  • Includes Manual For Assembling 10 Models
  • Enhances Eye-Hand Co-Ordination, Creative Problem Solving, And Motor Skills
  • The Steel Body Parts Give A More Realistic Feel
  • Mechanical Kit For Juniors
  • Material: Steel, Plastic
  • Number Of Pieces: 105+
  • Box Dimensions: 28 X 20.5 X 3.5 Cm
  • Items Included In Package: 105+ Pieces And 10 Models Of Construction Set
  • Age Group: 6 To 14 Years