Ratna Musical Drum Set For Kids
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Ratna Musical Drum Set For Kids

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Type: Sound/ Musical Toys
Vendor: Kartsasta

Drums are Something which the Kids Love to Play. They will Love to Play with
this Drum Set. Rather than Spending Most of their Time in Front of Social Media, they will Do Something Innovative.



  • Your Kids are Going to Love Making Music with their New Musical Drums!!
  • This Drum Set will Not Only Develop their Music Skills but Jazz Drums are Perfect for Stimulating Children’s Creativity, Motor skills & Eye-Hand Coordination.
  • Apart from Learning How to Make Music, Your Child is also Going to Develop other Performance Abilities & Cognitive Skills that are Essential for Their Future Life.
  • Enhances Musical Skills Hands-On Activities and Encourages Developing Motor Skills.
  • This Drum Set Can Make a Perfect Gift for Your Little One.
  • This Drum for Kids Comes with A Pair of Drumsticks That can Be Used to Tap The Drum
  • Age Group: 3 years+