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Hugo Boss Bottled Deodorant - 150ml
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Hugo Boss Bottled Deodorant - 150ml

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A 150ml Hugo Boss Bottled Deodorant Spray. The Hugo Boss Man is Primed to Succeed – Competitive, Driven & Ambitious. His Daily Preparation Rituals are Integral to his Personal Quest for Success &Hugo Boss Bottled has Become an Established Part of his Daily Armour. Hugo Boss Bottled is the Encapsulation of Hugo Boss in a Fragrance. Confident & Contemporary: Clean Lines Make Hugo Boss Bottled an Iconic Classic. Combining Elegance & Style, it was Designed with the Modern Man in Mind. Vibrant with Fresh & Sensuous Notes, the Fragrance Exudes Distinction, Sophistication & Pure Joie De Vivre. 


Top Notes: Balancing with a Fresh & Fruity Top Note.


Heart Note: The Warm \ Spicy-Floral Heart is Dominated by Geraniums & Seasoned with Just a Dab of Clove.

Base Note: The Base Note is Decidedly Male a Vibrating Harmony of Sandalwood \ Cedar & Vetiver.